Southern Zone South Sectional Championship

July 6–9, 2018


Stephen C. O'Connell Center

250 Gale Lemerand Drive, Gainesville, FL 32611
Suggested Accommodations



O’Connell Center Pool ACCESS - Gate 2 and/or 3

Facility Contact Information: Erva Gillam, Director of Swimming & Diving, 352-375-4683 x4545.

All meet information will be posted on the Sectional Event Page of the Florida Swimming website 


Entry Fee



$10.00 per individual event
$20.00 per relay team
$15.00 per swimmer meet surcharge


$20.00 per individual event
$40.00 per relay team
$25.00 per swimmer meet surcharge


All entries must be completed through USA-S OME online entry program and finalized/checked out by Friday, June 29, 2018 at 9:00 pm. No faxed or emailed entries accepted. All teams will pay via check or cash to “Gator Swim Club” upon arrival to the meet. Payment will be accepted at Clerk of Course before picking up Coaches Packets.


ENTRIES:  Request for entry will be accepted be filling out the request form on www.fastswimresults.com beginning on April 27, 2018 at 12-noon Eastern Time. The form will be removed after the first 150 swimmers are accepted.

*An email receipt of acceptance and invitation to the SZSS will be returned as soon as possible.


On-Line Meet Entry (OME) – Entries will be processed using the USA Swimming On-Line Meet Entry System (OME) ONLY. Access this entry system from the USA Swimming web site at the address http://www.usaswimming.org/ome . Any team coach may initialize the entry. The account that initializes the entry will be the only account that has access to that team’s entries for this meet. That account must log in and select “Enter Team”. Paper, FAX, and Email entries will not be accepted.


OME OPENS: 12:01 AM EST Friday, June 1, 2018

OMECLOSES: 9:00PMEST Friday, June 29,2018

OME HELP: Eva Gronke, eva@fastswimresults.com


Athletes may enter the meet using conforming and non-conforming times in this order: Long Course Meters (LCM), then Short Course Meters (SCM), then Short Course Yards (SCY). Converted times are not permitted. Swimmers who have not achieved the qualifying standards are not qualified, subject to the rule regarding Bonus entries.


Individual Entries: Use a time in the national database for entry that is faster than the qualifying time and achieved during the qualifying period. Swimmers may enter using an Override Time for times that are not in the national database. Override times must include the meet name and date. Times that cannot be proven by the Entry Coordinator will not be seeded in the meet. Times that are missing from the National Database should be requested through the host LSC National Times Coordinator of the meet at which the time was achieved.



TEAMS WITH UNATTACHED OR UNREGISTERED SWIMMERS: Teams may enter swimmers with an Unattached or Unregistered status. When building the roster in OME, select the “Add Unattached/ Unregistered Swimmer” link. Unregistered swimmers must provide proof of registration prior to the swimmer’s first event.

INDIVIDUAL UNATTACHED SWIMMERS: Unattached swimmers who are not awaiting attachment to any team must enter individually. Access the OME system at the address http://www.usaswimming.org/ ome - log in and select “Enter Individual.”


LATE ENTRIES: Late entries will be accepted for this meet for swimmers/relays which otherwise meet all eligibility and Entry requirements. Qualifying times must have been achieved by the entry deadline. Late entries will only be accepted on-site beginning at the start of registration through the scratch deadline for the event(s) in question. Swimmers not previously entered in the meet must provide proof of USA Swimming membership. Swimmers should be prepared to provide proof of submitted time for all late entries. Entry fees for late entries will be double entry fee and double athlete surcharge/facility fee. As a courtesy to meet management, coaches and swimmers are strongly encouraged to process late entries as early as possible in the meet registration process. Late entries will be accepted at any time after the OME Closing and prior to the scratch deadline by contacting the Entry Coordinator Eva Gronke eva@fastswimresults.com proofs should be included with entry.


ENTRY LIMIT: Individual Events: Swimmers may enter all events which they qualify, however they may only compete in Six (6) individual events for the meet and no more than Three (3) individualevents per day. Relay Events: Two (2) per team per relay event.


BONUS SWIMS: Bonus swims will be available as follows: Florida Swimming and Florida Gold Coast swimmers, qualified in one event can swim 1 bonus 2 events 2 bonus or more events during the course of this meet, subject to the meet rules on limitations and bonus standards for each day and the entire meet.

  • In the OME system, select “Enter as Bonus” to enter bonus events.

  • The total swims including bonus swims shall not exceed the limit of 3 individual events per day and 6 individual events for the meet.

  • Swimmers from outside the SZSS may not enter Bonus Events.


SCORING: The top 24 places in each event; (A) Finals and (B) Finals, and all timed final events, will be scored.

Individual: 32-28-27-26-25-24-23-22; 20-17-16-15-14-13-12-11; 9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Relay: 64-56-54-52-50-48-46-44; 40-34-32-30-28-26-24-22; 18-14-12-10-8-6-4-2

No points will be awarded when qualifying times ARE not achieved, but qualifying times may be achieved during prelims or finals.


AWARDS: There will be no award presentations during this meet in order to accommodate a D-Final. Individual


Events: 1st – 8th place

Events: 1st – 3rd place


High Point Award: Top Female and Top Male Current USA Swimming rules will apply.


Team High Point Awards:

Relay Combined: 1st – 5th place

Women: 1st–3rdplace

Men: 1st – 3rd place








Friday, 7/6




Saturday, 7/7





Sunday, 7/8





Monday, 7/9








SANCTIONED BY: Florida Swimming, Inc., Sanction # 4432

HOSTED BY: Gator Swim Club (GSC) and The University of Florida Swimming & Diving



GENERAL MEETING: Saturday, July 7, at 8:00am in the Hospitality Room. Announcements of pertinent information not previously disseminated regarding the conduct of the meet will be made at this meeting. It is the responsibility of each swimmer and coach to be aware of any changes made during this meeting.

POOL SPEC & TIMING SYSTEM: Eight (8) lane-wide certified 50-meter course with non-turbulent lane lines. Warm-up/down is
available in the adjacent outdoor 50-meter pool. Water depth at both competition starting end(s) is a minimum of (4) feet. Daktronics Timing System with full Video Scoreboard

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all 2018 USA Swimming registered athletes in Florida Swimming (FL) and Florida Gold Coast Swimming (FG). All swimmers must have achieved the listed qualifying times between July 1, 2017 and the entry deadline. Swimmers from outside the SZSS may not enter Bonus events.

OUT-OF-SECTION ENTRIES: Up to 100 out-of-section swimmers and foreign swimmers will be accepted into the meet. Must achieve 2018 futures cuts

DECK REGISTRATION: No entrant will be permitted to compete unless the entrant is a member of USA Swimming (or a FINA federation) as provided in Article 302. On-deck registration will be permitted prior to the closing of the scratch box and handled by the Florida Swimming Registration Coordinator located at the Clerk of Course.

SEEDING: Entries will be seeded in the order of LCM, SCM and then SCY. All submitted times must have been achieved and match exactly the time that is on file with USA Swimming SWIMS database. CONVERTED TIMES ARE NOT PERMITTED. Heats run fast to slow.

An * next to the time on the psych sheet or Administrative Referee’s master entry indicates that the time must be cleared before the closing of the scratch box or that swimmer cannot be seeded and will not be eligible to compete in that event.

CHASE STARTS or FLIGHTING: If the situation arises where the number of entries, including bonus swims, drives preliminary sessions beyond two hours and forty minutes in duration (using flyover starts), the Meet Referee in conjunction with the Senior Chair, may seed preliminary sessions utilizing chase starts from opposite ends of the pool or flight in the manner described below (swimmers who are a “no-show” for the B- flight will not be penalized):



Alternate Women’s Heats/
Men’s Heats from opposite ends


“A” Flight:
50’s – All Heats
100’s – 12 Heats
200’s – 8 Heats
400’s – 6 Heats
“B” Flight: All remaining heats


SCRATCHES: Scratches prior to seeding of preliminary heats shall be made by properly filling out/depositing a scratch card in the scratch box located at the Clerk of Course/Admin Referee table.


Friday’s Distance Events: Friday 3:30 p.m.*

Friday’s Relay Events: Friday 5:00 p.m.*

Saturday’s Events: Friday 5:30 p.m.

Sunday’s Events: Saturday 5:30 p.m.

Monday's Events: Sunday 5:30 p.m.

* SCRATCHING for Friday night’s events only will be accepted by the deadline in person or by email: Eva Gronke at eva@fastswimresults.com

  • PRELIMINARIES: Failure to scratch by the deadlines listed and no show in a preliminary session will result in a fine of $10.00 cash only. Upon payment of the fine, the swimmer will be eligible to continue competing in the meet. There is no event penalty. The swimmer must declare their intent to swim with the Administrative Referee for subsequent events entered prior to the closing of the scratch box for the next day’s seeding (positive check in all subsequent events).
  • FINALS: Any swimmer who fails to swim in a preliminary heat and qualifies as one of the fastest thirty two (32) swimmers must swim A-Finals, B-Finals, C-Finals or D-Finals; or must declare his/ her possible intention to scratch within thirty (30) minutes of the announcement or posting of the preliminary results of that event and further declare their final intentions within 30 minutes of their last individual preliminary event. Scratching from Finals will be declared by drawing a single line and initialing on the preliminary results maintained by the Clerk of Course/Administrative Referee. “Failure to Swim” will result in the swimmer being fined $25.00. Upon payment of the fine, the swimmer will be eligible to continue competing in the meet. In the case of missing a Monday night final, payment of the $25.00 must be made in order to compete in future Speedo Championship Series meets. Any swimmer who participates in a preliminary event on Monday and intends to not be at finals for Monday, please scratch from the results maintained at the Clerk of Course/Administrative Referee.
  • A swimmer not in the originally announced or posted fastest thirty two (32) swimmers, who is seeded into a final due to the scratch of another swimmer, will not be penalized for failing to swim in that final. Swimmers finishing within the top fifty (50) are encouraged to declare their intention not to compete if they do not intend to swim, so that the Administrative Referee will be able to properly seed the meet for finals.
  • All fines must be paid prior to any swimmer competing in any future Southern Sectional Meet competition, at which time the swimmer will be reinstated in the meet.

NOTE 1: Alternates wishing to swim in an open lane in finals must be at the start area and preparedto step on the block for the swim when the swimmers are called to the blocks.

NOTE 2: Scratches must be done individually; “team” scratches are not acceptable.

800 ABD 1500 FREE: Friday’s Events 1 & 2 (Women’s 1500 and Men’s 800 Freestyles) – Must SCRATCH by 3:30 PM Friday to NOT be seeded and suffer penalty for “NO-SHOW” for the event.
Monday’s Event 45 & 46 (Women’s 800 and Men’s 1500 Freestyles) – Must SCRATCH by 5:30 PM on Sunday to NOT be seeded. The top 8 swimmers shall be seeded to compete in the finals. AM heats will swim fast to slow, alternating women and men after the completion of any AM 400 free relays. Heats may be combined across gender for time sake.

400 IM/400 FREE: Events 17 and 18, the Women’s and Men’s 400 IM;and Events 31 and 32, Women’s and Men’s 400 Free WILL BE SWUM AS FOLLOWS if CHASE STARTS are not utilized:

  1. Fastest 6 heats of women,

  2. Fastest 6 heats of men,

  3. All remaining heats, alternating heats of women and men, fast to slow. Heats may be combined across gender for time’s sake.

RELAY EVENTS: Events 19 and 20, the Women and Men’s 800 FreeRelay, Events 33 and 34, the Women and Men’s 400 Medley Relay Events 43 and 44, the Women and Men’s 400 Free Relay. All heats will be swum at the end of finals on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the following order:

  1. Top two heats of Women’s (fast to slow)

  2. Top two heats of Men’s (fast to slow)

  3. All remaining Women’s heats followed by all remaining Men’s heats, fast to slow

  4. Monday’s 400 Free Relay Events will be positive check-in events - coaches may declare their relay’s intention to swim in AM’s prelim session by clearly writing “AM” by the 5:30 PM Scratch deadline on Sunday. The relay events during the prelim session will be swum all women, all men fast to slow; at the end of prelims; before the individual distance events. All other heats will be swum as stated above.

FINALS: Finals events will be swum in the following order: A-Final, B-Final, C-Final, D-Final A – Finalists will be paraded or announced behind the blocks
B, C & D – Finalists will be announced in the water

If there are less than EIGHT (8) 18&U simmers available for the D Finals, older swimmers from the preliminary heats may be seeded into those finals.

TIMELINES: There will be a 5-minute break before relay heats begin.

RULES: Current USA Swimming rules will apply.

TEAM REPRESENTATIVE: Prior to the start of the meet, the name of one person, who must be a USA swimming member, other than the coach, who will check with the referee about any matter pertaining to the meet, may be given to the meet or admin referee. For each team, the coach and that person only will be recognized.


Meet Referee: Sue Talwar (talwarsue@aol.com)

Entry Coordinator: Eva Gronke
Computer Scoring: Eva Gronke
Meet Director: Erva Gillam

Meet Marshal: TBD

Admin Referee: Alan Golding
Asst Admin Referee: Kristy Gavin

Head Starter: Jay Wilkins
Team Lead CJ: Jeff Breault
Lead Nat'l Evaluator: Marilyn Duman

OFFICIALS' QUALIFYING MEET: The meet is designated as an Officials' Qualifying Meet for N2 and N3 Officials Certification. Officials wishing to obtain or renew at the levels of certification offered by the USA-S OQM approval must apply to the Meet Referee.

“Application to Officiate” and “Request for Evaluation” forms for this meet can be found on Sectional Event Page of the Florida Swimming website (www.floridaswimming.org). Follow directions on the form for submitting completed applications. Additional information will be provided during the Officials briefings held one hour prior to each session.

IDENTIFICATION: Coaches and Officials shall wear 2018 Sectional Meet credential tags in a conspicuous location at all times during the swim meet. Coaches and officials can prove registration through Deck Pass.

DECK RESTRICTION: USA Swimming Insurance Safety Regulations require the swimming pool deck, during the operation of Florida Swimming, Inc. sanctioned meets, be closed to all persons except swimmers, coaches, marshals, officials and meet personnel. Credential tags must be presented to enter the pool deck area.


CONDITIONS OF SANCTION: The competition course has been certified in accordance with 104.2.2C(4). The copy of such certification is on file with USA Swimming.

In granting this approval it is understood and agreed that USA Swimming and Florida Swimming shall be free and held harmless from any liabilities or claims from damages arising by reason of injuries to anyone during the conduct of the event.

Any swimmer entered in the meet must be certified by a USA Swimming member-coach as being proficient in performing a racing start or must start each race from within the water. When unaccompanied by a member-coach, it is the responsibility of the swimmer or the swimmer’s legal guardian to ensure compliance with this requirement.

Use of audio, visual or cell phone recording devices is permitted only in designated areas. Changing into or out of swimsuits, except in locker rooms, is strictly prohibited.


CAMERA ZONES: Per Florida Swimming Rule 223.13, Meet Management shall designate and inform the public of “Camera Zones” at each swim meet where both still photography and video photography of a race or a competitor in a race may be taken. Acceptable “Camera Zones” may include, but are not limited to the side courses of a pool, team gathering areas, concession area, turn-end of competition course when not in use as a “start-end,” etc. Meet Management shall also designate “Non-Camera Zones.” Under NO circumstances will Camera Zones include the area immediately behind the starting blocks at either end of the racing course(s) while they are in use for “race starting purposes” during competition and warm-ups, locker rooms, restrooms, or any other dressing area. Any individual failing to abide by this rule could be subject to the Florida Swimming Code of Conduct violation as defined in Rule 239.2.

Drones or any other flying apparatus are prohibited over the venue(pools, athlete/coach areas, spectator areas and open ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes, coaches, and officials and/or spectators are present. Exceptions may be granted with prior written approval by the USA-S Vice President of program Operations.


FL Senior Chairman: Peter Banks, pbanks4583@gmail.com

Florida Swimming Office: Helen Kelly, 352-242-5145, flsoffice2@aol.com

Officials interested in officiating at the meet: Sue Talwar, talwarsue@aol.com